American Women Pageants

Do you want to get involved with a pageant system designed to empower women to make a difference in today's society? Sign up under the tab, "Apply for a title" a director will contact you with information on at-large titles or state pageants in your state or region. Below is a map of states with pageants. All titles within Canada, Mexico, Central, and South America are at large.

American Women of Service is currently accepting applications for state and regional directorships. Please submi
t the application form found below.


DIRECTOR                STATES

Jen Barton.             Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana 

Deb Landry            Maine,  New England States, Canada

Lara Kelsey            Colorado, Arizona, California,  Mexico

Monica Joubert     Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa 

Holly Glick              New York

Anna Casador-

Saccocio                 RI, CT, MAUS Virgin Islands

Leticia Lambert     West Virginia

Jasmine DeRier     AWOS International at-large

Cheryl Gifford.      YAWOS International at-large

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