The following rules are set for the protection and privacy of our delegates. Titleholders are chosen based on the competition results and the delegate’s availability to fulfill the duties of the system.  Please do not ask for exceptions.

  • Dressing room helpers will not be permitted into the changing area during competition. There will be adequate volunteer helpers to assist with zipping, tying and other areas of wardrobe help.

  • Have all dresses prepared, wardrobe and accessories organized before arriving. Dressing rooms will be clearly marked with delegate’s names to ensure each delegate has adequate changing space.

  • Absolutely no coaches backstage at anytime, all preparation is to be done before the day of the pageant.

  • No men or unauthorized people in any part of the stage, backstage or judging area.

  • Only approved hairstylist or makeup artist backstage. Only licensed cosmetologist will be permitted into the dressing area to assist with hair and makeup. These cosmetologists will sign a written agreement with American Women of Service and will need to take on a minimum of 4 delegates to be an approved stylist. Contact information for approved stylists will be available as they are approved.

  • No photography other than the official pageant photographer. No cameras and cell phones taking pictures or videos in the backstage area.

  • No video taping, DVD’s will be made available for purchase.

  • Any delegate not abiding by the rules will be disqualified immediately.

  • Any and all negativity and “drama” is prohibited. This includes cursing and bad behavior by anyone including family/friends, delegates and national titleholders. We ask that you keep any negativity to yourself.Delegates will be disqualified if parents, relatives or friends make a scene or disrupt the show. This also goes for after the show and days ahead or following, Facebook post etc. We strive for a positive environment and are committed to people being responsible for their own behaviors

  • Judges decisions are final. No delegate or family/friend/coach of a delegate is allowed to discuss the outcome with the judges. Our judges have kindly given of their time to participate. Judges scores are not shared with the other judges, so any one question to a judge is not the opinion of all the judges. If you have questions, see the director after the day of the show. Comments will be shared at a later date, if any. Please do not approach the judges or directors after the show asking for comments or scores.

  • Pre pageant prep includes community service, getting paperwork, ad page and money in on time, participating in Facebook contest, following instructions, reading and following through on emails and Facebook group messages will be evaluated and scored as part of the competition.

  • Rules are to protect and respect the delegate’s privacy.

  • In order to be able to improve and understand the score system, we will provide judges’ comments and your scores after the pageant.

  • Please don’t assume any of our rules if not listed, if you have questions, please contact us. We will gladly explain.

  • American Women of Service reserves the right to place delegates in the right competition division that is equal to their age or marital status.

  • People involved in the pageant as a volunteer or judge may not have relatives or close friends in the pageant. You are not allowed to volunteer if your relative or close friend is competing as we will not tolerate speculations that contestants are being favored. We trust and inform our judges to be fair and unbiased in their scoring.

  • All participates have never been arrested, convicted or served time for a criminal offense or have ever posed for nude photos, this includes selfies and post on social media.

  • All participates will never use this pageant system to promote a personal agenda or unapproved platform during or prior to their reign.

  • If you win, please understand that this is a year of service, not a year to be served! You are crowned with the honor of representing the program and its values/mission.

  • Titleholders will make themselves available to volunteer and make appearance during their reign.

  • Failure to complete your year of service, which includes attending the national pageant to give up your crown will lead to a two year or permanent ban on competing within the system and loss of any remaining prizes.


A full description of international titleholder’s expectations will be given out at the titleholders meeting following the pageant.