A non-competitive mentoring program

                                                                                     for young women ages 4-18


Each year, during the American Women of Service Pageant, girls ages 4-18 years have the opportunity

to capture the spotlight as a princess during the pageant weekend. Our YAWOS princesses, up to age

12,  attend a tea party the day of the national pageant and participate in specially design princess

training. Our titleholders age 13 and above participate in patriotic party and service project, where

they will be able to put their community service skills to work.


The Young American Women of Service titleholders are  mentored by the contestants and later are

mentored by titleholders during their reign.  Young American Women of Service empowers young

women to begin their pageant career through volunteerism, giving back, and participating in their

school and community through our platform, The Crown CARE (Creating A Respectful Environment in

Schools/ Society).

During the national pageant competition, Young American Women of Service participants are invited

to participate in the opening number portion of the pageant programing and are invited to our dinner

auction, where community service awards are given based on the number of hours each participant

has logged.

                                                                                        Community Service awards are given on the following levels: The Red Award for 250+ hours of

                                                                                        community service, the White Award for 150-249 hours of community service, and the Blue Award for

                                                                                        up to 149 hours of community service. Additional community service awards will be given in the

                                                                                        following age categories for the overall most community service hours logged: ages 4-6, ages 7-9,

                                                                                        ages 10-12, ages 13-15, and age 16+.


                                                                                       It’s the perfect experience for girls who want to get started in pageants and learn about giving back in

                                                                                       a community of civic minded female role models. Young women will love the opportunity to represent

                                                                                       their states and regions as they mentor others through community service and civic involvement.


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